Meet Gabriel Albanes, Co-Founder, CEO, and Software Engineer

Hello, I’m Gabe. 

I’m a software engineer, and I started and run American Web Devs. 

I joined the Marine Corps as an infantryman in 2005 and independently learned how to be a full-stack developer. I started freelancing to small businesses for software development projects and discovered that nothing is more satisfying than helping American business leaders succeed. 

My role in American Web Devs is to architect solutions that get customers RESULTS, lead our fantastic software development team, and provide overall strategic direction for the business. There’s a shortage of great developers, which causes a huge gap. My goal is to close that gap. American business leaders should have access to top onshore developers. 

I build our reputation by being honest, dependable, and over-delivering. My team is extremely focused on customer experience, and I’m proud that customers know that we will do what we say we’re going to do. 

So, welcome to American Web Devs! We do things differently, and I’m glad you’re here.