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Meet Melissa Albanes, Co-Founder & Head of Growth

Last updated: Apr 27, 2022 | Categories:
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Hi, I’m Melissa. 

My role at American Web Devs is centered on making customers (and future customers) and our team happy. In particular, I focus on three key areas: 

  1. Helping business leaders solve specific problems (marketing and biz dev)
  2. Creating ongoing value for customers (customer success)
  3. Making sure our people are happy and have what they need to succeed (needle mover)

That boils down to being the primary point of contact for a lot of things! Chances are, if you book a call, you’ll probably wind up speaking with me. 

Previously, I spent about a decade in product marketing for tech companies such as Google and DocuSign, and served as a solution architect for an HR tech company. When I’m not working on the interwebs, you can find me playing with my kids, husband, and dog! Generally, I’m in Pittsburgh, but since American Web Devs is a wholly remote shop (though fully staffed by US talent!), you may find me on another continent from time to time.



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