Choosing Between Offshore And Onshore Software Development

Business leaders have a tech agenda. It’s nearly impossible to scroll through the news without hearing about companies that have boosted their performance after strengthening their organization’s operations or marketing with technology. And let’s not forget that this is the year that Gartner predicted that CIOs who have not transformed their organization’s capabilities would be displaced. 

Many organizations—small businesses and tech giants alike—are outsourcing their digital transformation initiatives to expedite timeframes, lower project costs, decrease risk, and avoid tapping into unavailable in-house talent. Choosing the right software development partner for your project is critical, and considering onshore vs. offshore development companies is likely to be part of your decision. 

Lower cost is almost always the reason behind choosing offshore software development. But while offshore software development might save you a bit of money in the short-term, getting it right the first time yields the most significant ROI. Offshore development has been known to generate a host of problems, including poor management, communication breakdowns, and fuzzy standards.  

Sadly, a Pittsburgh-area security company experienced an offshore development disaster. After experiencing hidden fees and slow communication, they then made the mind-boggling discovery that they didn’t own the code they had commissioned. They knew they had made a mistake. The end product and the experience left them in a terrible position—it was an unsatisfactory web application, updates were sloppy, and quality control was nowhere in sight. Adoption rates were low, and the app was rife with data integrity issues. After a five-year slog of trying to make the app work for them, they finally had enough. Now, American Web Devs is hard at work to recreate the system. The experience has been night and day for our client, who recently compared working with their American Web Devs team to a good marriage “…like when you choose your life partner, you need someone who wants you to succeed and communicates with you.”  They’ve valued having a trusted partnership, dedicated support, and the peace of mind that comes with having an onshore development team. 

We’re American Web Devs, a fully U.S.-based team of developers. It’s our priority to give this client, and all of our clients, the onshore advantage they deserve. Can we do the same for you?