Do you want more revenue?

Of course you do! Who would ever say they don’t want more revenue? We should be asking, “How are you getting more revenue?

You may think of a few responses, but as a busy business leader, they may not be realistically attainable.

That’s where we come in.

We create software that helps small businesses and startups grow their profits. We're believers in the American dream. We're driven by leveling the playing field with established brands and experiencing our clients saving time and increasing their profits.

Are you ready to get started?


We’re here to help.

We’re American Web Devs: a Pittsburgh software development company. We’re innovative with new and emerging technologies, but believers of “old school” business practices. We do what we say, we treat our customers with respect and prompt service, and we keep our commitments—even if that means longer days.

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Systems, software, apps, tools, modules, suites, aye yai yai!

It’s uncomfortable when you don’t know what to ask for, or how to ask for it (you should see us in a hardware store)! Our services are listed below, but if you want to call us and say “I want to be able to xyz,” or just ask for a free strategy call to see how things could improve with software, that’s great with us.

Software Development

We’re a full-stack software development company, which means that we know our way around back-end development (Java, Python, and PHP to name a few) plus the front-end with JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3. Your software will look fantastic and perform consistently.

Systems Consulting

Using the right software can increase profit, and doing repetitive tasks by hand is costly. Even so, few business leaders have time to keep up with how tech can help increase output. Our consultants will help you free up time and boost results.

Custom Tools & Apps

Most of the time, off-the-shelf solutions aren't designed or flexible enough for your use cases or requirements, and it’s hurting your bottom line. That’s where we come in. Our developers become your partners to build and implement the apps and tools you need for your organization.

Automation Strategy

We build our clients exquisite workflows that eliminate tedious tasks. We take a common-sense approach to get the job done quickly and accurately so you can increase productivity and reduce administrative costs and human errors.

Live Training

Some of our developers are not only experts in their field, but they also have the heart of a teacher. We deliver onsite or remote training so you can unlock more value from your software investment. Just as our software is tailor-made, our courses are designed just for you.

Project Coaching & Handover

Within your company, you may have a team who will run with a project once our developers start it. Throughout the project, we’ll mentor your staff to coach them into owning the project and maintaining the code moving forward.

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