Mission: Software Project Rescue

Need a developer to pick up a partially completed project?

Recover from developer-imposed nightmares

We live in an age where contractors don’t always stick around to finish the job. Freelance web developers make you think you’ll always be their top priority--until you’re not. Offshore development teams seem to do a decent job--until they go radio silent. If your developer left you stranded mid-project, or you’re struggling to get a software project across the finish line, bring in the experienced American Web Devs project rescue team to get your system or site back on track. 

Need help right away? Give us a call and we’ll spec out the job quickly.

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Fix and make changes to an existing application

Hire the Right Development Team.

Excellent communication and technical know-how must coexist. When they don’t, software projects fail. According to the Standish Group’s recent CHAOS report, only 31% of software projects are successful,19% flat out failed, and 50% are “challenged.” That’s crazy!!! It means there are a lot of developers out there who don’t know what they’re doing or making false promises. It also means you’re not alone--in fact we have a whole business unit dedicated to address this problem. 

From hiring one expert to bringing on a comprehensive team, American Web Devs will help you manage and overcome the pitfalls that have gotten in your way.

Get back to business

We bust ours… to protect yours

You need a development team that does what they say they're going to do. The cost is too high, to fail. If your software doesn't work the way it should, if your launch date keeps getting delayed, or if your developers overcharge their time because they don't think you'll notice, it's causing collateral damage that extends beyond the impact to your bottom line—and can hurt your reputation and your future success. Handing off a partially completed project to a new vendor isn’t ideal, but with American Web Devs, it'll be a whole lot easier.