Software Maintenance and Support Packages

Proactive updates and service

Optimize your sites and systems

Consistent, continuous maintenance and support are critical to the ongoing success of your sites and systems. And with us, that’s way more than just polishing up some code from time to time. It’s about forming a true partnership between your team and our team to make sure that your sites and systems are continuously improved for usability, performance, and reliability. 

We create a made-for-your-situation package that can include monitoring system health, performing updates, completing service change requests, implementing new features, fixing bugs, providing emergency support, and more. 

You may also choose to add a retainer of hours that can support an evolving IT strategy (which helps to get small jobs done quickly since hours are already available).

maintenance and support
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Access your dev team when you need them

Fixing Issues is One Tap Away

Minor problems can cause major hiccups, that can lead to complex issues ranging from a glitchy web app, to a system outage, or a breach. Sometimes called corrective maintenance or reactive support, this is where your “I have a guy for that” (or, “maintenance and support plan”) comes into play. Being able to urgently respond to reported errors or external changes is critical to maintaining a flawless working environment.

Support your tech stack without limits

Scale your package and down

It's easy to start and easy to grow when you choose American Web Devs. We’re here for you today, and we’ll grow with you as your needs evolve, be it that we start by supporting your WordPress website and then support your entire software ecosystem. We’re that flexible.