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Our collective experience amounts to decades of extensive software development experience across verticals to achieve better business results. Each industry contends with a unique set of challenges, and we have domain expertise to help you achieve the highest levels of efficiency, productivity, visibility, compliance, and the outcomes that truly matter to you. 

Below is a preview of our industry experience, or you can browse through our service offerings.

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Software Development for Healthcare Agencies

Patient expectations, security concerns, and administrative costs are rising, and new care and business models are evolving in healthcare today. External pressures from workforce shortages to changing regulations make it even more challenging to deliver the utmost patient care and contain costs. 

Healthcare leaders are turning to American Web Devs to alleviate these challenges and toss the clipboards for good. Here are a few ways our software development services can help your healthcare organization:

  • Offer a paper-free patient and administrative experience
  • Streamline data collection and frontline worker collaboration
  • Integrate or connect patient, physician, partners, and client systems

“My American Web Devs team genuinely cares about learning about my agency so they can do the best job possible. We could not have picked a better web development partner!"

– Susanna Clermont
Owner & CEO at School of Play in Pittsburgh

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Software Development for Life Sciences

Life science leaders can be hindered by challenges around siloed infrastructure, ineffective or slow analysis, and manual data entry. Primarily because of security and compliance concerns, leveraging custom software development -- however helpful it would be -- can seem like an uphill battle.

From pharmaceutical companies, to medical devices, to epidemiology, life science leaders trust American Web Devs to meet compliance requirements, increase speed-to-market, up-level customer experience, and achieve the most significant possible impact from digital initiatives. Here are a few ways our software development services can help your life sciences organization:

  • Adhere to compliance standards for digital transactions
  • Streamline workflows to accelerate product development
  • Create a digital experience to interact with researchers, patients, physicians, and vendors

“Gabriel served as an application development partner and was a reliable extension of our team. He was the primary contributor to rebuilding a legacy pharmacy application on a cloud-based modern framework. He was responsive, timely in requests, and brought a ton of experience to the project.”

– Jacob Mortimer
CIO at Express Med Pharmacy Services in Pittsburgh

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Software Development for Veterinary Sciences and Pet Hospitals

Quality clinical care and research depend on equipping desk and frontline workers to perform in high-stress situations. But many practices are experiencing a lack of resources paired with an uptick in client volume, making it challenging to modernize and respond to changing practice norms.

That explains why so many veterinary organizations are reevaluating their strategic priorities. Manual tracking and lost records are out. Convenience and automation are in!

Here are a few ways our software development services can help your veterinary sciences organization:

  • Digitize patient intake and animal care protocol management
  • Optimize internal systems and integrate with external systems
  • Run an eCommerce store and pharmacy to increase cash flow

“American Web Devs is professional and awesome at what they do! It is so hard to find website development/support that you feel truly confident in and they are it. Any time there is an issue, it is solved in a timely manner. The team is organized so all of the small things do not get lost in the shuffle. They are highly responsive, their skill set has been excellent, and they have good communication skills along with a solid technical toolset.”

– Julie Perron
Marketing Manager at Assisi Animal Health

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Software Development for Security and Surveillance Services

Operators must achieve the highest levels of efficiency and security to remain competitive. Our software development experience is largely in serving firms that support law enforcement, such as precious metals and surveillance. If you’re looking for software development for a specific niche, please give us a call. In the meantime, here are a few ways our software development services can help your security services firm:

  • Streamline time-consuming and labor-intensive processes associated with identifying stolen merchandise
  • Increase speed and accuracy of tracking, searching and analyzing data
  • Automate the process for granting police officers access to various applications and tools

“There are no bounds in how useful the software is to help us spend more time doing what we need to do--which is public safety, not data entry”.

– End user/police officer in Allegheny County

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Software Development for Education

Universities, colleges, and schools have long been the educational engines that drive research and change. For many, there are pressing challenges to enhance research capabilities and impact. American Web Devs is an ally for educational service providers seeking to alleviate these challenges with technology -- technology that streamlines processes, monitors performance, supports collaboration, and more.

Here are a few ways our software development services can help your education organization:

  • Develop simulations
  • Design custom workflows for data approvals and distribution
  • Consult on software architecture

“AWD did a great job from start to finish. They carefully listened to what we needed, they outlined the specifics of the job, they were upfront with costs and they delivered on time. I'd certainly reach out to AWD again for our development needs in the future.”

– Kris Kitani
Associate Research Professor at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh

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Software Development for eCommerce

eCommerce and retail stores are up against challenges such as the dominance of global eCommerce giants and intense pressures on margins. On top of this, the market is evolving, and it’s hard to keep up. This environment is inevitably forcing retailers to modernize and deliver compelling customer experiences. Thriving retailers are the ones which keep one eye on innovation and the other on adapting.

Here are a few ways our software development services can help your retail store:

  • Design and develop a state-of-the-art eCommerce website
  • Build media-rich and dynamic content
  • Facilitate an omni-channel presence
Older business woman seller using laptop checking ecommerce dropshipping orders.

Don’t see your industry listed here? Give us a call, and we’ll work together to find the right solution to achieve your goals.