Our Mission: To strengthen American businesses with top US-based web developers while leading the way for creative and smart system development.

American Web Devs has helped business leaders get more done and look exceptional online since 2019

That’s right. 2019. We decided to bring our two+ decades of experience and formalize our community of software developer freelancers right before the coronavirus pandemic. Did we have a hunch that American businesses would be needing a tech-lift? Or know that offshore development risk and service delivery volatility exposure would be enormous? Of course not. But did we show up when America needed us? Hell yeah. 

Lots of developers can write code and can spin up a website. But we believe, firmly, that systems and sites can’t be exceptional or distinguished unless they meet and exceed your real-world requirements. Flexibility. Scalability. Easy on the admin. Weird workflows. No matter the constraint, our goal is to solve your unique business challenges so dependably that next time you send a request to American Web Devs, you'll have no doubt that we'll come through.

Meet The Founders

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Pittsburgh-based software development and design

No matter which state you live and work in, we’re here for you

We’re a software development company headquartered in the forged-by-steel city of Pittsburgh with team members across the USA. We have gathered a diverse team dedicated to their craft and who genuinely love what they do. You don’t have to search far for software development services in the USA. The systems and sites that will power the world tomorrow are happening today at American Web Devs.

Why American Web Devs?

We develop, collaborate, and drive results.

  • Most of our web developers and software engineers are veterans
  • As a full-stack dev shop with grunts running the show, we get much more done than the typical development company (shockingly so)
  • We bring 25+ years of full-stack experience with domain knowledge spanning industries from healthcare to eCommerce
  • We have an unbeatable determination to deliver on our promises
  • No one beats us in customer service
  • We’re hell-bent on communication
  • We’re problem solvers
  • You will own your system, code, and data without compromise
  • You have the flexibility to scale as your needs evolve
  • We do not offshore. All of our work is done in the United States

Further, what sets us apart is our long-term dedication to our customers' success. We don't stop at the release. We develop, collaborate, and drive year-over-year results. 

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“I love working with veterans… ya’ll get stuff done!” 

Brian J.,
Exec in the HR Tech Industry

Who We Serve

Software and web development services for ‘Merica

We exist to help American organizations take on innovation and their mission-critical challenges, and win. We believe that there’s a better way to do business in America--and it’s not by using technology that ships data overseas or by trusting your most essential systems with foreign companies. Getting onshore software and web development services shouldn’t be challenging and seem out of reach. We’re obsessively passionate about strengthening American businesses with top US-based web developers while leading the way for creative and smart system development. It’s our mission. 

We have specialized software development experience in healthcare, life sciences, veterinary sciences and pet hospitals, security and surveillance services, education, and eCommerce. But the funny thing about code is that it’s industry-agnostic. If we can lean on you for domain expertise, you can lean on us to translate your needs into state-of-the-art software and web applications. 

We help people do better work, have an easier time maintaining compliance, and get better clients by making software and web development services more attainable and transparent. If you’re an entrepreneur, CTO, CIO, marketing leader, or someone else responsible for powering your US business, we would be delighted at the opportunity to serve you.

“American Web Devs genuinely care about learning about my agency so they can do the best job possible. We could not have picked a better web development partner!”

Susanna Clermont
Owner and ABA Therapist at School of Play

Meet The Founders

Gabriel Albanes and Melissa Albanes (a husband-and-wife team) founded and run American Web Devs. Gabe is our Managing Partner and leads our team of fantastic web developers, and provides overall strategic direction for the business. Melissa is our Head of Growth and has a passion for helping business leaders achieve their goals with tech and ensuring ongoing value to our clients. Together with the American Web Devs team, they work tirelessly to build our reputation by being honest, dependable, and over-delivering.

Devildog stumbled into code, runs the show at American Web Devs.
Meet our co-founder, Gabriel Albanes

Small towner marketer-turned-techie, lets Gabriel think he runs the show at American Web Devs.

Meet our co-founder, Melissa Albanes

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Gabriel & Melissa Albanes