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Customer: Confidential (Reference is available upon request)
Region: Pittsburgh, PA
Industry: Public Safety
Type: Web Application
Technologies: Laravel, Python, MySQL, JavaScript

Business Challenges.

Our client maintains multiple custom applications for his extended enterprise. Granting access for each end user to the various apps was a manual and tedious process that took took an average of 10 minutes per user. Due to inevitable human error, additional time was spent troubleshooting, resetting passwords, correcting data entry, and communicating resolutions to customers which amounted to approximately two hours per week. With 30 new accounts per week, our client was losing seven hours every week.

Our Solution.

Our client can now approve or deny account requests with a click of a button.

The solution provides end users with convenient and intuitive self-service to request access to apps as required. The application is easy to use and navigate, eliminates human error, and now takes only a couple of minutes to enroll users into the various applications.

Specific Benefits.

  • Ease of managing multiple apps and data sources

  • Modern and intuitive User Experience (UX)

  • Consistent performance

  • Administrative efficiency